Rorschach by Taro Inaba




Rorschach 2 by *Georgel-McAwesome


Rorschach by Gabriele Dell’Otto.


The Question and Rorschach by Cully Hamner

We’re not that much alike…

There is a cellar door connected to the duplex. Lock difficult to pick. Took more time that it should have. Daniel kept watch while I proceeded to enter the building. The stairs leading down were creaky, ill from years of neglect. It stank like the surrounding tunnels and subway system. No light source could be found. Had to pull out flashlight. Will need to ask Daniel for extra batteries later.

The area was mostly clean except for wax left from candles. Formed a circle. A ritual? Will need to look up local cults. Possible blood spot on the stairs leading up to the door to the duplex. Felt a bit like the blood from the Roche case. Almost gave in to temptation to kick open the door. Reminded myself not to be so stupid and naïve. Can’t underestimate these people. 

Noted that I haven’t heard any screams lately.

Signaled to Daniel by tapping three times on the cellar door. Heard a soft thump and a whimper. When the door opened, I saw the guard hunched over and half hidden in the bushes that border the duplex marking boundaries. Next step: Retrieve the girl, unharmed and take her back to her parents.

This can’t end up like last time.


My hero.

Hmph. Suggest you go find yourself a new hero.

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